Chandler Pummelo

They are the most cold-resistant plant within the citrus family. The Pummelo is a slow-growing tree. It start to yield fruit at three years old. It is the heaviest type of citrus fruit weighing 1-1/5 kg and sometimes as much as 4.5 kg. The length of the fruit than its width, typically between 12 and 15 cm. The fruit is rough, has a loose structure and little juice. The skin is thick, tough and scented. The skin can be textured with bumps. When the fruit matures, it does not stay on the tree for long and falls quickly. The skin and the flesh are red in color.
Test Date RangeAvr. L (in.)Avr. W (in.)Avr. Diameter (in.)Rind ColorRind TextureAvr.SeedAvr. Rind Thickness (mm)Avr. Weight (g)% Fruit JuiceSoluble SolidsAcidS / A Rate
September 16--304.334.834.584.50116.09.50,6015.9
1 October 1-154,845.505.174.752,441918.0926% 1610.10,6914.9
October 16--314.905,495.194.752.751216.5940% 209.70.6315.8
November 1--154.865.535.205.252.381817.5927% 1910.40.8013.1
November 16--305.005.715.355.502.501415.0882% 2410.80,7813.9
December 1-154.785.385.085.832.421418.0865% 2210.60,8812.3