Dobashi Beni Satsuma Mandarin

Its size and yield are good. The fruit has a somewhat uniform shape and tends to have a smooth skin. The advantage of the Dobashi Beni tangerine over the Owari is that it develops a deep orange-red skin after the oil has been removed. Its flesh is a deep orange in color and is comparable to the Owari in terms of quality. It reaches peak maturity towards the end of October and in November. It can withstand storage and can be stored until the end of January. Its skin color may lag behind its flesh's maturity.
Test Date RangeAvr. L (in.)Avr. W (in.)Avr. Diameter (in.)Rind ColorRind TextureAvr.SeedAvr. Rind Thickness (mm)Avr. Weight (g)% Fruit JuiceSoluble SolidsAcidS / A Rate
September 16--302.042.362.203.5015.
October 1-152.172,542.364.253.3314.0121% 378.81,187.6
October 16--312.252.672.465.253.4414133% 379.81.0310.0
November 1--152.182,622.407.893,3613.7126% 3610.10.9610.5
November 16--302.282.822.559.503.8014.0140% 3310.50,8312.7
December 1-152.132.582.3512.003.0015.0119% 3211.80.9313.0