Improved Meyer Lemon

Since it does not produce fresh buds in the fall it is more resistant to frost than other types of lemon. A type of evergreen, it yields fruit all year round and prefers sunny climates with little difference between the day and night temperatures. It is the earliest lemon variety.
Test Date RangeAvr. L (in.)Avr. W (in.)Avr. Diameter(in.)Rind ColorRind TextureAvr. SeedAvr. Rind Thickness (mm)Avr. Weight (g)% Fruit Juice
September 16--302.782,442,612.0065.0133% 37
16 October - 312.462.212.3411.002.2554.0106% 45
1 November - 15 Kasım3.112.682.8910.502.5075.0177% 46
December 1-152.852.362,6111.003.0055.0136% 41