Navelina Navel Orange

It is an orange of the California-originated Navel type. Its trees are strong and thrive well. They are productive and are two weeks earlier than Washington. Its fruit is smaller than the Washington Navel, more oval in shape and of inferior quality. It contains 11.2% sugar, 0.89% acid and its sugar/acid ratio is 12.6. It is one of the earliest round oranges. Its flesh reaches maturity before its skin color does. The yellowing process is problem-free. It reaches market-acceptable domestic quality standards in mid-October.
Test Date RangeAvr. L (in.)Avr. W (in.)Avr. Diameter (in.)Rind ColorRind TextureAvr.SeedAvr. Rind Thickness (mm)Avr. Weight (g)% Fruit JuiceSoluble SolidsAcidS / A Rate
1 October 1- 319.20.969.8
October 16--313.373.443.415.003.0008282% 3110.51.0311.3
November 1-- 3410.10.9910.5
November 16--303.323.123.229.882,9606261% 3611.50.9412.5
December 1-153.433.123,2810.543.3307297% 3311.80.8514.8