Rio Red Grapefruit

It is the most recently developed variety of colored grapefruit. Its trees are strong. Their fruit is long and round with very few pips. Harvest begins in November and continues through to June. They are not periodic. They are an ideal variety for those who want late and colored grapefruit. The skin and the flesh are red in color.
Test Date RangeAvr. L (in.)Avr. W (in.)Avr. Diameter (in.)Rind ColorRind TextureAvr.SeedAvr. Rind Thickness (mm)Avr. Weight (g)% Fruit JuiceSoluble SolidsAcidS / A Rate
November 16--303.644.153.905.003.50211.0415% 269.61.775.4
December 1-153.693.943,826.503.50110.0387% 369.31.436.5
December 16--313,263.763.516.003.50213.0322% 3810.71.776.1
1 January - 15 January3.944.364.159.003.00411.0484% 439.21.297.1
16 January - 313,363,833.609.003.5019.0331% 3210.91.746.3
1 February - 15 February4.044.384.219.503.00212.0505% 369.31.366.9
March 1--153.704.133.329.672.67112.0440% 349.51.297.4
April 1-153.964.464.2110.003.00010.0544% 399.01.217.4